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Dr. Domingo Morel, author of Takeover explains how national politics has influenced public education in America since the early 1960’s.

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The Real Story about the Education Reforms in New Orleans


I recently authored two books that tells the real story about the failed education reforms implemented post Hurricane Katrina. 21st Century Jim Crow Schools; the impact of charters on public education is on sale now at your local book store and at and numerous other online outlets.

The Coup D’état of the New Orleans Public Schools explores and criticizes the contemporary educational reforms of the New Orleans public school system. The New Orleans education reforms implemented after Hurricane Katrina, using the corporate model approach, have been an academic failure with charter operators making millions of dollars while reestablishing a segregated school system based on race and class―all in the name of school reform.

You can purchase it at a  book store near you or you buy it online atétat-Orleans-Public-School-District/dp/1433137445 and numerous other online outlets.





How history defines the privatization of schools in New Orleans

History tell us where we have been, where we are and how we got here.

Al Kennedy, former New Orleans Public Schools administrator and historian, published a excellent article, The History of Public Education in New Orleans Still Matters which tells us why history matters and how it has repeats today in terms of eliminating quality opportunities for mostly African American and poor children.

Ten years after the flood waters from negligently constructed federal levees inundated New Orleans, public education reformers have unhitched their narrative from the pre-Katrina history of the Crescent City. They cleverly placed the blame for the condition of the schools on the backs of the teachers–and their union. The reformers contend that New Orleans was a “blank sheet of paper” upon which they put in place a successful system of charter schools. Perhaps the reference to the “blank sheet of paper” makes more sense as an effort to paper-over a long and painful history that includes the lingering effects of white supremacy.

Raed article below:

The New Orleans Imperative Archived Rebroadcasts

January 22, 2018
The New Orleans Imperative returns to the air on WHIV FM 102.3 with its premier show discussing the present day landscape of public education in New Orleans. Our guest for this discussion is educational activists and parent Ashana Bigard.

History is very important to understanding the present, it defines how and why we got where we are. Needless to say over the years the media has reported information about public education very differently depending on the issue they are reporting and the circumstances of the day. This differential handling of the history of public education by the main stream media shapes public opinion and directs public policy. Their reporting was one of the main reasons I started The New Orleans Imperative seven years ago.

Former New Orleans Public Schools administrator Al Kennedy recently published an article, The history of public education in New Orleans still matters (if you want to learn about the malignant legacy of white supremacy), around media coverage of public education. This morning Mr. Kennedy discussed his article and how history has been manipulated by the main stream media over the years.

Untold Truths about the Corporate Education Reforms

New Orleans Public School Employees Will Request a Congressional Hearing on the $750 Million Federal Fund to Restart Schools after Hurricane Katrina

We suggest that an oversight or investigative Congressional hearing is warranted to review the use of $750 million in federal funds to “Restart School Operations” after Hurricane Katrina. Obtaining information from witnesses will be beneficial to various Congressional committees regarding the intended and actual use of federal funds after a natural disaster.

Common Core is another idea manufactured by a powerful group of wealthy individuals in this country whose mission is making public education a profitable private enterprise while controlling which students go to which schools………

School Choice New Orleans style……

Charter schools, competition and choice, New Orleans Style

The Louisiana Legislature needs to follow the money……

Dropout data by the Louisiana Department of education unmasked

The unquestionable autonomy of the charter schools in New Orleans is jaw dropping as state officials ignore the assault they do to the public school children in New Orleans.

The hypocrisy of charter schools in Louisiana

After more than eight years of refusing to serve special needs children in New Orleans the Louisiana Department of Education finally comply.

Charter schools continued failure to meet the needs of special education students in New Orleans


Charles Hatfield of Research on Reforms recently released his analysis of the 2014 LEAP results in math and english language arts. The LEAP test is Louisiana state mandated test taken by all the public schools to determine student and school district’s academic progress.

Once again the results are not promising for the Recovery School District of New Orleans. The Recovery School District of New Orleans labeled by education reformers as the national model of turning around poor performing school districts has consistently performed poorly academically since it took over control of the majority of public schools in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina.

Hatfield concludes the following in his report:

However, despite the achievement gains reported during the past nine years by the ardent supporters of this ”reform” movement, the RSD-NO is still performing below the vast majority of the other districts at the 4th and 8th grades in each subject.

Hatfield report can be read here:

One really has to wonder when the nation is going to realize that the privatization of schools in New Orleans has been a failure academically in addition to creating equity and access challenges for the mostly poor and minority population of New Orleans.

More importantly the education reforms in New Orleans is prove for the nation that the market model approach to improving public education touted by education reformers for years can’t work.

Colonizing the Black Natives: Reflections from a former NOLA Charter School Dean of Students

A foremr Dean of Students at a charter school in New Orleans describes how the charter school he worked in as Colonizing Black Natives

It is very clear that the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) is determined to mislead the public on the lack of academic progress of the corporate reforms they have created (charter and voucher schools). This article from the Washington Post reveals how the LDOE violated the law to continue its failed educational practices. Corrupt government at its worst.

More evidence of the charter school/voucher shell game with the lowest state scores on the ACT coming for the state run schools in New Orleans.

More on Jindal and White giving away your tax dollars

Once again Louisiana leading the pack in keeping the public out of public education.

DOE vehicles for personal use after Vallas fiasco? Never! Now they just lease ’em year-round for 7 DOE employees

When will the Louisiana Department of Education be held accountable for following their own policy?

More on the No Excuse Schools (KIPP) that have more than questionable discipline practices……unbelievable.

Education journalist Kari Harden recent article in the Louisiana Weekly which describes the unethical if not illegal use of a $800,000 federal grant awarded to John McDonogh Charter High School from New Schools for New Orleans. Ms. Harden’s article revealed that most of these funds awarded to John McDonogh Charter High School was used for unusually high salaries to members of the school’s charter management company and the school’s principal while the school struggled to survive financially.

Buras- Response to NSNO Report

Last year Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, co-chair of the Senate Public Charter School Caucus in Washington, DC, hosted a forum for education policymakers. The forum featured the New Schools for New Orleans report New Orleans-Style Education Reform: A Guide for Cities. This report was be hailed as a “national” model for turning around urban school districts.

Attached is a response to this report from the Urban South Grassroots Research Collective which includes education scholars and those affiliated with longstanding educational and cultural organizations in New Orleans.

The response essay points out the fundamental flaws in the New Schools for New Orleans report and reveals many of failures and challenges facing poor and minority students.

Broader Bolder Approach-Rhetoric Trumps Reality

Broader Bolder Approach to Education Study reports on the impacts of test-based teacher evaluations, school closures, and increased charter school access on student outcomes in New York, Chicago and Washington D.C.

NOPS Success Feb. 2013

There has been an extraordinary amount of  media coverage of the unfound success of the education reforms (charter schools) in New Orleans. The corporate reforms PR machine has also been successful at ignoring the traditional schools under the control of the locally elected school board.   After Hurricane Katrina and the state takeover of more than 100 schools,  Orleans Parish School Board was left with it best performing schools (many of which had admission requirements).  These schools reopened as charters and traditional run schools. The traditional run schools with admission requirements lowered standards accepted all students. Ignored and unnoticed these traditional schools has emerged as one of the most highly rated school district in the state.

John Merrow’s new film, REBIRTH-New Orleans, Ignores the Facts!

At his New Orleans event, John Merrow admitted that he knew that New Orleans charter schools can have selective admission requirements, but chose not to reveal this in his film, “REBIRTH- New Orleans.i” The film cites the accomplishments of the New Orleans charter school movement, while neglecting to disclose that several New Orleans charter schools have selective admission and retention requirements, allowing the schools to educate only students who are not at-risk.

Research on Reforms, Dr. Barbara Ferguson

John Merrow Article