The New Orleans Imperative Archived Rebroadcasts

January 22, 2018
The New Orleans Imperative returns to the air on WHIV FM 102.3 with its premier show discussing the present day landscape of public education in New Orleans. Our guest for this discussion is educational activists and parent Ashana Bigard.

History is very important to understanding the present, it defines how and why we got where we are. Needless to say over the years the media has reported information about public education very differently depending on the issue they are reporting and the circumstances of the day. This differential handling of the history of public education by the main stream media shapes public opinion and directs public policy. Their reporting was one of the main reasons I started The New Orleans Imperative seven years ago.

Former New Orleans Public Schools administrator Al Kennedy recently published an article, The history of public education in New Orleans still matters (if you want to learn about the malignant legacy of white supremacy), around media coverage of public education. This morning Mr. Kennedy discussed his article and how history has been manipulated by the main stream media over the years.