How history defines the privatization of schools in New Orleans

History tell us where we have been, where we are and how we got here.

Al Kennedy, former New Orleans Public Schools administrator and historian, published a excellent article, The History of Public Education in New Orleans Still Matters which tells us why history matters and how it has repeats today in terms of eliminating quality opportunities for mostly African American and poor children.

Ten years after the flood waters from negligently constructed federal levees inundated New Orleans, public education reformers have unhitched their narrative from the pre-Katrina history of the Crescent City. They cleverly placed the blame for the condition of the schools on the backs of the teachers–and their union. The reformers contend that New Orleans was a “blank sheet of paper” upon which they put in place a successful system of charter schools. Perhaps the reference to the “blank sheet of paper” makes more sense as an effort to paper-over a long and painful history that includes the lingering effects of white supremacy.

Raed article below:


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    We have elected a new governor who seems to understand the issues in public education. However, our work continues and we must make sure our new governor John Bel Edwards focuses his attention on issues that are causing major problems for children in our community. This morning I joined Dr. Raynard Sanders and Rev. Willie Calhoun to discuss some of the areas we want John Bel Edwards to focus on while he is our governor.

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