Community Engagement

Contact your Legislator and let them know your feelings on the corporate education reforms in New Orleans, the links below has their contact info.

New Orleans Legislators
Karen Carter Peterson
J.P. Morrell
Conrad Appel
David Heithmeier
Ed Murray
A.G. Crowe
Neil Abramson
Jeffery Arnold
Austin Badon
Wesley Bishop
Jared Brossett
Raymond Garofalo Jr.
Walt Leger III
Christopher J. Leopold
Nick Lorusso
Helena Moreno

The Legislative Clerk’s contact info: (225) 342-7259 (225) 342-5045 Fax

House Education Committee contact info
Representative Steve Carter (Chair): (225) 362-5305
Representative Patrick Jefferson (Vice Chair): (318) 927-2519
Representative Wesley Bishop: (504) 242-4198
Representative Christopher Broadwater: (985) 543-4900
Representative Henry Burns: (318) 949-2463
Representative Thomas Carmody: (318) 862-9956
Representative Simone Champagne: (337) 937-8827
Representative John Bel Edwards: (985) 748-2245
Representative Cameron Henry: (504) 838-5433
Representative Paul Hollis: (985) 871-4680
Representative Barry Ivey: (225) 261-5739
Representative Nancy Landry: (337) 262-2252
Representative Edward Price: (225) 644-6738
Representative Jerome Richard: (985) 447-0999
Representative Robert Shadoin: (318) 251-5039
Representative Patricia Haynes Smith: (225) 342-7106
Representative Jeff Thompson: (318) 741-2850
Representative Alfred Williams: (225) 382-3243

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